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3D Printing's Multi-Layered Future

Additive manufacturing is booming — everyday it's getting cheaper, more accessible, and further embedded into the advanced design and manufacturing field. This year we're putting a spotlight on 3D printing's effect on the future, with a focus on materials, prototyping, and the finished product. Whether you're looking for new insights that can advance existing projects or to understand the latest developments, you can explore 3D printing breakthroughs at supplier booths, expert presentations, dedicated networking sessions, and special showcases.

3D Printing Suppliers

Get face-to-face with additive manufacturing masterminds showcasing their solutions at the dedicated 3D Printing Zone on the expo floor. You'll meet pioneering 3D printing companies at the forefront of innovation — including Stratasys, HP, Proto labs, FARO Technologies, PGI— while gaining crucial knowledge on a trend literally reshaping how we manufacture.

3D Printing Education Curriculum

The two-day 3D Printing Education curriculum delivers the in-depth education you need to fully understand and apply the latest developments. Top experts in the field will share insights on how to select materials, cost-effectively 3D print designs, and overcome challenges in end-use production, plus share tips on lightweighting and troubleshooting common issues.

Show-Wide Highlights

Next-Gen Materials For 3D Printing

This session will explore uses for 3D printing that go beyond aerospace & metal, including how it can save you money while maintaining the "wow" factor of its creations — including shapes that haven't existed and light-weight items that don't sacrifice strength.

Building The Future One Layer At A Time

During this must-attend panel discussion, industry experts will explore the latest materials and applications for next-generation 3D printing medical devices and survey a myriad of use cases being advanced by OEMs.

Capitalizing On The Changing Dynamics Of 3D Printing

This panel will explore how to leverage the shifts in smart manufacturing dynamics resulting from 3D printing, including how to scale up efficiently without sacrificing quality, new materials, new possibilities, new processes, and more.

Sit In On Networking Activities

Connect over fast-paced, focused discussions to get inspired, swap ideas, and learn from engineers and executives. Join an attendee-to-exhibitor session to swap insights on 3D printing, smart manufacturing, medtech, and more.