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ADM Expo 2018 Keynote Speaker

John Ratzenberger

Actor | Entrepreneur | Industry Advocate

March 7, 2018 | 1:00 pm | Center Stage

Empowering the next generation of skilled-labor and manufacturing professionals is just one of the many dreams that John Ratzenberger hopes to make a reality for the advanced design and manufacturing industry. "The innovators who are studying science, technology, engineering, and math need the final piece of the puzzle – manual arts including welding, machining, carpentry – to bring their ideas to life." Join us for what promises to be a lively and thought-provoking presentation, followed by an audience Q&A. Ratzenberger will cover topics such as the critical role of innovation in manufacturing success, the challenge of finding skilled young people to join the workforce, the actions that companies can take today to empower and motivate the workforce of tomorrow, and more. Register today!


Ratzenberger is a celebrated screenwriter, director, producer, and multi Emmy-nominated actor. Best known for his role as Cliff Clavin on the hit show Cheers and as the only actor to voice a character in every Pixar film, Ratzenberger’s true passion is to advocate for American manufacturing and the skilled tradespeople who are the foundation of our country.

As Hollywood's most outspoken advocate for American manufacturing and skilled labor, Ratzenberger has delivered multiple speeches to Congress detailing the crushing regulations on American enterprise and the fact that we are running out of skilled tradespeople to fill the hundreds of thousands of available jobs. He speaks to groups across the country and works with legislators on both sides of the aisle to bring back trades training in schools and build apprentice programs for students, returning veterans, and out-of-work Americans while supporting the reshoring of American companies.

Ratzenberger also created the Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs foundation, which creates and funds manufacturing summer camps and scholarships nationwide to inspire the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. The program took off, and Ratzenberger eventually handed it over to the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association. Most recently, he was appointed to the President's Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion with the mission of filling the skilled trades gap in America.