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KN Platech

KN PLATECH AMERICA CORPORATION is a top manufacturer of plastic blow-molded components, providing a variety of great quality services. offers adhesive safety signs and floor marking tape to aid facilities to get visually organized as they strive to increase production. Our flagship floor marking tape, Superior Mark® Floor Tape, is produced in our facility in Wake Forest, NC and is the most durable and highest quality floor tape you’ll find. Superior Mark® floor tape has a patented design with beveled edges and a recessed, highway grade adhesive for durability.

Prime Technical Services, Inc.

We specialize in the integration of high quality products for your machine tool that will let you compete in the global market with ease. Our products can drastically reduce set up time, cycle time, and make it possible to run an unmanned or "lights out" operation.


SMC Ltd. offers global solutions for contract manufacturing and product development services for the medical device, POC Diagnostics, respiratory, and pharmaceutical industries. Services include design & development, thermoplastic molding including insert, two-shot and micro, liquid silicone injection molding (LIM) and complete device assembly. Project integration, supply chain management, and validation. ISO 13485 QMS w/Class 7 & 8 Clean Rooms


RazorEdge is a B2B Technology Strategy, Enterprise Software Development and Mixed Reality Experience Firm.

Minivalve Inc.

Minivalve Inc. designs and manufactures miniature self-actuating valves and valve components. Product functions include one-way check valves, pressure-relief valves, access valves, and dispensing valves. Varieties consist of duckbill, umbrella, cross-slit, Belleville, and Minivalveballs. Applications include pumps, Y-sites, trocars, and hemostasis valves for catheter introducers. Minivalve offers an extensive line of standard and custom valves.

YXLON / Comet Technologies USA, Inc

Worldwide, YXLON is the leading provider of X-ray inspection equipment for industrial applications in aerospace, automotive, electronics, foundry, additive manufacturing, and more. YXLON enhances conventional X-ray (2D) with innovative technologies, including Computed Tomography (CT) for 3D, HDR (Highly Dynamic Radiology), microfocus X-ray tubes, metrology, reverse engineering and ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition). Visit